So far it has been a great 3 weeks here at camp coaching gymnastics. Each summer I get the chance to teach other coaches about gymnastics by conducting small classes we call 'clinics'. One of my most popular clinics is called Hacking Fear. It is on the tips, tricks, and strategies I use to help athletes I coach beat fear. Unfortunately, I do not get to do this clinic as much as I would like so this summer about 2 weeks ago I decided to write a short 20-30 page book on the topic.

Two weeks later I have a working 42 page first rough draft of the book ready for your feedback. That is right, part of any writer's process is to get feedback from the public. I need your help crafting the final draft of the book for publication. I need help with questions like:

  • What did you like?
  • What didn't you like?
  • What was confusing?
  • What sections could I cut?
  • What sections would you like me to expand on?
  • Any other thoughts or feedback

I am limiting early access feedback to a hand full of people so signup here to get early access to the rough draft while there are invites available. (NOTE: It might take a little while for the access link to send)

I have decided to launch right now too so more update and hopefully full clinics on biomechanics and what not will be coming soon.

Thanks for your early support. Best of luck to you and your athletes in the future!

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